Frequently Asked Questions


The average 0-60 MPH for MY 2022 EV is 4.7 seconds.


This is just a short list of questions you might consider asking the salesperson at a dealership when looking to purchase an electric vehicle.

  • What electric vehicles do you have available to test drive? Do you allow drivers to test drive vehicles for multiple days to learn more about the vehicle?
  • What is the full range of this vehicle brand new? What does the range of the vehicle look like in the winter?
  • Does the vehicle come with a standard, Level 1 charging cable? Can you show it to me?
  • Does the dealership offer free charging to anyone who purchases a vehicle?
  • Does the dealership have Level 2 or DC Fast Charging capabilities on-site?
  • Can anyone at the dealership do maintenance on an EV? Do you know of anywhere local that does EV maintenance or repairs?
  • What kind of battery does the EV have? How fast can the battery charge?
  • How old is the vehicle? What does the range of the vehicle look like now compared to brand new?
  • Does your dealership offer anything included with the purchase of an EV? For example, with a new ICE vehicle, you might include free oil changes.
  • How does an EV drive different from an ICE vehicle? Can you tell me about regenerative braking or e-pedal mode?