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3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Midwest Conference

June 26-27, 2024 – 3rd Annual EV Charging Infrastructure Midwest Conference
Hilton Chicago | Magnificent Mile Suites

GOEVIN will be in attendance as Drive Clean Indiana’s Executive Coalition Director, Carl Lisek, will be moderating the session on “Electrifying Transportation – Municipal and City Perspectives”.

The Midwest is experiencing a surge in EV adoption. Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota are leading the way by implementing supportive legislation and authorizing grant programs. Other Midwestern states are not far behind. With a rich automotive manufacturing heritage and progressive regulatory and political framework, the Midwest is well-positioned to adapt to the demands of the evolving EV landscape. To sustain and build upon this momentum, the region must establish an efficient charging infrastructure while actively addressing equity and resilience challenges. This will not only ensure the continued expansion of EV adoption but also play a pivotal role in fostering the overall socio-economic growth of the Midwest region.

The electrification of the transportation sector in the Midwest offers distinctive opportunities for establishing a robust charging network. To address the challenges and explore solutions for advancing resilience, accessibility, and equity in Midwest’s charging infrastructure, Global Transmission Report is hosting its 3rd annual conference on EV Charging Infrastructure Midwest on June 26-27, 2024 in Hilton Chicago, Magnificent Mile Suites, Chicago.

The conference will highlight programs, opportunities, technologies, and solutions to build an efficient charging infrastructure in the Midwest and feature insightful presentations and engaging panel discussions. It will bring together policymakers, regulators, utilities, municipalities, transportation departments, charging infrastructure developers, EVSEs, OEMs, investors, and technology providers to share their plans, experiences, perspectives, best practices, and lessons learned to accelerate the development of the charging infrastructure in the Midwest.

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