EV Charging Etiquette

An electric car is plugged into a GOE charging station.

Charging Only

EVs should only be parked in a designated charging space when they are actively charging. When a charge is complete, drivers should disconnect their vehicles immediately and move their cars from the space to allow other customers to access the charger. Watch out for idle fees, you can be charged an idle fee when your car is done charging outside of the grace period. Site owners have the right to tow vehicles that aren’t actively charging.

A man is using his cell phone to charge his GOEV electric car.

Monitor and Move

You can download the associated charging station app via QR Code on the charging station. The charging station app will allow you to pay by linked credit card, track your charging progress while away from your car and energy usage. Most EVs slow down the charging rate of a fast charge once the EV is charged to 80%. If you aren’t going to stay with your vehicle while it charges, consider leaving a note to let other drivers know it’s okay to safely unplug the connector from your car once your session is complete or that you’re willing to give up your charger for an emergency. Please be considerate of other EV owners time and state of charge needs to further cleaner transportation for all Hoosiers.

Electric car on electric car charging station. Power supply for electric car charging. Clean energy concept

Respect the Site

Some fast chargers can be accessed by multiple parking spots. Knowing the location of your EV charge port before pulling into a spot will help avoid cable crossing. Please make sure to put cables and dispenser in the holster. Never leave dispensers or cables lying on the ground as this can be a tripping hazard for pedestrians and can damage the cables. Cables on the ground can be stepped on and are subject to elements such as rain or snow, damaging and preventing them from being used. Keep the smooth, relaxing experience of an EV charging going, even at the charging station. Please keep your music low and toss your trash/recycling in the proper receptacles.

An electric car charging station in a parking garage offering convenient charging for GOEVIN vehicles.

Safe and Functional

These charging stations are placed in well lit, public areas to create access to necessary ZEV infrastructure. If there is a problem with an EV charging station, please let site host know right away by contacting the number located on the front of the charging station. A representative will be able to send out a technician to alleviate the situation.