DCFC Coming to an Indiana Town Near You

Rochester Station

DCFC Coming to an Indiana Town Near You

2250 Pottawattamie Lane, Rochester, Indiana 46975

Posted by Danielle Hayes | April 4, 2024

An electric vehicle (EV) DCFC fast-charging station is coming to an Indiana town with two charging connectors available.

Find yourself traveling between South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis and in need of a quick charge? Take a pit stop at the GOEVIN DC Fast chargers in Rochester, Indiana. This handicap accessible location offers convenient pull-through charging access for those vehicles hauling trailers.

Planning on taking the family to the lake this summer? This is the perfect spot to easily “juice up” while towing the (hopefully electric) jet ski to the lake!

When pulling up to this charging location, you will quickly notice that the area is a half-circle shape. This is for your pull-through convenience, designed originally for an ATM drive-through. Better yet, this location is conveniently nestled within dozens of stores and restaurants.

Electric vehicle charging at a designated parking spot is coming to Indiana Town.

This charging station stands as the sole public DC Fast charger within approximately a 20-mile radius of Rochester, Indiana. Furthermore, it holds the distinction of being the sole fast charging option within 20 miles of nearby Tesla Superchargers, making it a valuable resource for Tesla owners who may benefit from a specific NACS to CCS adapter. This strategic advantage in Rochester is poised to make a meaningful impact on the local community, driving tourism and bolstering support for small businesses in the surrounding areas.

Electric car plugged into a DCFC charging station in Indiana Town.

A local Rochester business owner, resident, and 3 year EV owner, Jim Straeter, shared his point of view on this specific DCFC charging location and how it is opening the eyes of Rochester residents. “EV’s are coming and this station woke up Rochester residents”, said Straeter. Jim has noticed that this charging location is already being utilized, but it is not at high usage yet. Now that this station is established, more locals might take notice and transition to EVs.

Ready to take an EV road trip to Rochester, Indiana?